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Famous Croatian director brought together a number of great Croatian actors in new film!

4th August 2014

Famous Croatian music video director, writer and photographer Katja Restović starts filming ”The Door of Redemption”, her first feature-lenght film this fall. After many notable projects and attainments, this successful artist decided to shoot a thriller based on a true story from the end of the 18th century in the municipality of Tar. It is linked to vicar Martin Velovich and a priest from the neighboring Vabriga, Mate Corazza and the supreme court of the day, The Council of Ten in Venice.

It is an exceptional and provocative film about an intriguing love triangle in the heart of Istria which will show its viewers that nothing is as it seems from the very beginning, turning this film into a tense and exciting project until the very end.

Katja Restović has brought together a truly respectable group of actors. The protagonists of this dark love story are played by Livio Badurina, Robert Kurbaša, Luka Dragić, Olivera Baljak, Edvin Liverić, Biljana Mišić as well as many other famous and well-known Croatian, Slovenian and Italian actors who will revive the history of Istria and the events that occured in 1796. Massimo Savić, Amir Kazić Leo and Boris Kosmač will leave their music careers aside for the moment and join these famous actors in order to create this hit film. Zoran Trubić is responsible for the music and trailer, while the screenplay is written by  Max Hozić.

”I have been working on ‘The Door of Redemption’ for three years now. Its the ‘fault’ of Azeglio Picco who one day came to me and told me this awesome story. Today, three years later, I am happy we are finally making this project happen. I take the energy from my great coworkers, from fantastic historic information and will, I believe, make this thriller a great film hit. I believe I have succeeded in bringing together a great crew who will work together no matter the difficulties and revel in the experience of creating a great Croatian thriller which will glue you to your chair and take your breath away”, said film director Katja Restović.

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