Katja on Lifex.hr: She hides behind many music videos you love

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Katja on Lifex.hr: She hides behind many music videos you love

13th Dec 2016

Artists leave an invisible mark in their work, a spark from their soul. When it comes to Katja Restović, I would call her mark ”to comprehend the incomprehensible”. She is a master of it. That is that x factor, that which consumes you when you watch a music video, which blinds you with its beauty beyond the visual. Then you just say ‘wow’.

So is the latest video from our Miss Croatia used to present her in Washington. This video captivated Croatia and as our dear comentator Šprajc put it; the Croatian Tourist Board can be jelous.

How was the filming?

(Katja): I must admit that when we began there wasn’t enough time for me to prepare as I usually like to do, so it wasn’t easy just jumping in. There was a lot to be done along the way concerning clothes and outfits as well as the text that follows the video. But, with the help of a great crew, my favorite cameraman and friend Josip Ružić, Marino and Tereza in Rose art studio (for the post production) we succeeded. Also, with the help of Vesna Ferenc, the Novigrad Tourist Board director, all went smooth without many problems, very creative and laid back.

You know, when someone efficiently manages locations, extras, ships and so on like Vesna did, all is much easier. She took care of the whole crew. We were fed, happy and the filming was extremely pleasant, which is crucial. You can feel that in the video, especially when filming the last 6 days in a row, as in this case. Apart from that, Angelica was very responsible and a quick learner. It was a pleasure to work with her.

I must admit that, given the form of two minutes during which three elements had to be presented as best as possible (the person, Novigrad and the country), the filming was not an easy task. We contemplated over every frame as well as every word (even though it might not look like that). My primary motive was for Angelica to look natural and spontaneous in this video for two reasons: she is just like that and I wanted the frames from Novigrad and Istria to have a more intimate relation to her so they wouldn’t seem like a classical tourist video.

Another important motive was that I wanted this short promotional video to be honest with a distinctive note of photography and ”flow”. I like to work like that, I am known for it. My aesthetics are always pure, simple and warm. I am very pleased that this video gained recognition and that we have contributed to the promotion of Croatia and Angelica, who certainly deserves the title of „Miss Croatia“. Not only for her beauty but also for her many talents and qualities).

Were there any interesting situations during filming?

As on every set there were a lot of interesting situations. For example, all the frames with food were shot in incredible conditions. There was a very loud sound rehearsal in Hotel Maestral where we were shooting. After that the hotel guests filled the restaurant completely. To shoot in those conditions was very tiresome and our concentration was put to the test. Two of our extras, a cook and a waiter, were completely captivated by their roles and didn’t move from Angelica. She was like a magnet to them and there were several funny situations involving this ”’magnetism”. The cook burnt the food, lost the fish plate several times, and other plates kept falling. It was very hot and we all laughed a lot.

Another interesting story is with the ”nono.“ We filmed that scene during a very short time sequence between rainy periods. It rained during all the days of filming. We needed two boats, one from which we would film and one which would sail along the city walls. The ”nono” was great and enjoyed his role very much as her grandfather and a sailor. He gave her lots of advice concerning the boat, life and eventually love. That part was fun and educational for the whole crew.

Which are your top 3 favorite videos you have made?

That is a very difficult question. I am tied to many videos I have made and I made a lot. I believe it is my first video which I did for my dear friend Maja Blagdan and the song ”I live for you”, and after that for the song ”Break me” by Petar Grašo.

Interestingly enough, the video I did for the Eurosong contest song ”Marija Magdalena” by Doris is not in my top three. I’m still thinking… maybe the third would be for the song ”Let’s Dance In Heaven” from Goran Rukavina and Sabrina Habriri where twenty or so extras were my friends from Teatar  Mrki in Poreč.

It is difficult to choose only three. Some songs I directed I wrote lyrics for as well , like for the song ”Love travels like a scent”. Massimo received a Porin. Other videos like the one for my Amir Kazić Leo ”Damn love” and the new video for the song ”Other” from Emilija Kokić are in this category. There are truly a lot of videos dear to me.

Unfortunately, there are rare occasions where you can see how videos are made. In fact, it is rare to promote a good music video, but that is a different story. To conclude: It is difficult for me to pick three favorite music videos. I tied many emotions to many of them and each holds a special place in my heart.

Which was the craziest situation during filming?

There were a lot of crazy situations: they happen almost every time. When I was filming Crvena Jabuka in Trieste, Italy, the boys from the band suddenly disappeard They were gone for like two hours. That is pretty inconvenient when you are working with shooting permits. When they got back they had bags full of All Star shoes. Apparently, they bought All Stars in every color available. During the filming of the music video ”Gabrijel” from Doris Dragović we had a very naughty pidgeon, which was trained, but not potty trained.

When I was filming the duet with Kemo and Max Hozić, the dancers danced so vigorously on the wooden floor that at one point we could not see anything from the dust. You know, when you work with a lot of extras, children and animals, funny and interesting situations are bound to happen.

What else do you do?

In April I produced a comedy ”Your Face Sounds Dangerous” which kept the audience on its feet for two and a half hours, that is not an easy job. During the last few years I have been very active in theatre. That is also something I am interested in and enjoy.

At the moment I am working on a film ”The Door of Redemption” of which I am the coauthor of alongside Azeglia Picca and Zoran Trubić. Zoran has made such wonderful music for this film and Max Hozić a great screenplay. I have made a trailer for this film with the leading roles (Livio Badurina, Luka Dragić, Robert Kurbaša, Olivera Baljak, Edvin Liverić etc.) three years ago but HAVC hasn’t aknowledged it. That is a sad story which doesn’t only apply to me, but to many directors and screenwriters in our country. I truly believe that one day HAVC will start doing its job. This historical film (based on a true story from Istria) is not easy to film without a serious producer and support.

I am currenty finishing my latest novel on that subject. I am also making a music documentary ”New Orleans is live” and another project for the American market. It is about women who were abused and is called ”Change”. Another artist and musician is also working on this project with me.

Are you living your dreams?

Completely! Since I am no longer planning and ”holding control” in my life, all is happening on its own, with no strains. All is going easy and simple. I have the best sister in the world, who is my great supporter and true friend along with my ”half-daughter”, my niece living in Ireland. The man who loves me is my dream come true and I simply adore him. He makes me smile every day and my friends, handpicked through the years, are my big and beautiful family. The work I am doing is pure joy. I am healthy and in love! Love has always been my only life’s dream and I am living it now.

Is it easier to work with men or women?

This question pops up frequently, but it is a good question. I think sex doesn’t matter as much as talent for expressing oneself, acting and movement. I used to answer that it was easier for me to work with women because I could see myself in them, but now I view it with different eyes. Now I only work with good people, famous or not. The only thing that matters is that they are good people and that our energy is a “sinergy”. Otherwise I refuse the job. You may call me spoiled but so be it. I am not embarrassed, I believe that a veteran like me with so many ”played games” and business experience can afford to do so. I rather not produce a film, video or commercial if I don’t feel the people I am supposed to work with are good. Maybe it is difficult to understand, but anybody who wants to work can find a decent job. There is no need to humiliate oneself.

Something to conclude with, a nice message for women how to live for themselves?

Relax and smile, even if you don’t have a reason. Nothing happens without a reason and everything happens when it should for a reason. I know, it is not an awfully smart philosophy but it works. Always give a hundred percent in all the areas of your life. Learn something new every day, no matter where you are, whom you are with, at what time and why. Be kind and good to other people and to yourself. Follow, read and give in to the signs. Believe with all your heart. Like our genius poet Tin Ujević  would say (I am just finishing a music video for a song from Bruno Krajcar for Lea  Dekleva based on his poem “Toy of the winds“)….. “you are made to fly, soul of mine“.

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