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We are all so different yet so alike

8th Juni 2016

Gonçalo Ferreira de Almeida made me take my little Sonny camera and film him from the moment we met. It was a spontaneous and inspirational moment. I just love that energy that moves me, as it happens rarely. I remember that summer. It was hot and damp. I wanted to record it. Pass it forward. Show everybody that talent and endless sorrow. I wanted to keep and pass it forward, that combination of dissimilarities we all have, all in our own ways. The deep truth that Gonçalo carried inside him evoked in me a scale of emotions and that is a sort of happiness I coud barely contain. Inspiration is the base of everything. The beginning and the end.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing my experiences and knowledge

2th April 2017

When Ana came to my studio in 2002 and asked me to be her mentor, it never occured to me we would become such good friends who deeply understand one another. I remember when she was counting the hours which she needed for her internship log, she asked me: Katja, how will I justify all these hours? We have reached the 3 months long internship hours in just 20 days… Young people can learn a lot if they want to and can give a lot in return – if they have good guidance. There is nothing that makes me happier than sharing my experinces and knowledge. Today, Ana Sever is my assistant and works as the head of activities at the international animated film festival for children and young people.

Events and support for children with Down’s syndrome

21th March 2015

In my family we had Tomi. He was the son of my father’s sister, aunt Markita. I will never forget his big smile and the love I felt when he hugged me. My dear friend Jasmina Novak also has a son with Down’s and with her I completely grasped what it is like to have a child with Down’s syndrome. Together with her association we have organized several plays and events.

Voices of angels and the existance of God – gospel music

11th January 2014

Ever since I heard gospel I felt the presence of God. Since then my love for gospel has lived on…

Mr. Voice goes acoustic version

Croatian sign language. According to the official Croatian broadcaster HRT, along with the acoustic version, we will also enjoy a new music video. It will accompany the new version of the song with new people and only one character from the first video will be featuring it as a main one. The acoustic version premiered on HR2 (Croatia Radio 2) in the show of Zlatko Turkalj Turki. Watch the video premiere here on ESCToday and the official Croatian Eurovision page About the new version and video, Mr. Voice  (Jacques Houdek) stated: I am very happy we have presented the acoustic version of My friend. This version makes a unique atmosphere and brings a new experience of the song.

The director of the video is once again Katja Restović, who has also directed the first music video. She came to the idea of making the video of the acoustic version inspired by Budo Jusić, a creative young man whose deafness didn’t keep him from being a successful photographer, model and dancer. About him, Katja said: I think that a charismatic and talented person such as Budo Jusić and all deef people can express and convey a strong message and deepness of the song even to the people who can hear it.

Coalition  for the Homeless

16th Jully 2012

I have helped many individuals on numerous occasions, people left and discarded from the community. I have heard many life stories and it makes my heart stop every time I hear how life can be unfair and surprise us. My cousin Vesna, a beautiful young woman full of energy, works in Poreč’s Red Cross and together we worked on several projects to help the homeless. After a personal life story of a mother with a child who has cerebral palsy, and no home or food, I decided that the help these people need should be global.

Farm of love – Triad

Hela Liverić is the sister of my friend and actor Edvin Liverić. I have known her since she was a child and I have always admired her endless, wonderful, strong energy and love for animals. This brave and young woman always reminds me that nature and animals are essential to us. She lives alone with her dream. It always makes me happy when we meet and talk. She fills me with joy and peace!

Jazz improvisation & inspiration

4th August 2016

All I know about jazz and the commitment to the guitar – I know and have learned from Ratko Zjaca. We often talk via Skype because of our busy schedules. The one and only musician I know, and I know a lot of them, that only drinks water, runs every morning and is commited to Budism. I believe we will fulfill our dream one day to live closer and talk more often about love and music.

The warmth and openess of Aruba; Michelangelo Koolman

For as long as I know I have always enjoyed human voices, vocals. That is my special inspiration. That is why I’ve made countless free recordings and just enjoyed the talent and art that came from various projects. I met Angelo a long time ago and he took my breath away as an amazing vocal, as a singer. His story is a usual one and it reminds me how talented people are belittled and unrecognised. Angelo has his story, a long family history, a difficult path. I enjoyed his stories during the breaks, while we were not recording. While working with him (4 music videos and a documentary) I have discovered nature’s beauty, the mixture of tradition and vividness of his birthplace. Since we met my work has been inspired by that breathtaking island in the Carribean sea, especially its rocks molded by time, wind and waves.

Children’s hospital Rijeka, oncology department

2th December 2012

My dad Anton died from cancer when I was 12 years old and my mom was by his side all the time, so my big sister Gordana took care of me. Many years later my mom Borislava had breast cancer and as the brave and strong woman that she is, she successfully beat it. However, I will never forget what cancer has done to our family and how we all fought it, everyone in their own way. Today I believe that the cause of every disease is stress and dissatisfaction. This begins at how and what we do, think, who we hang out with. I had always had the need to help the sick, but the children from the oncology department in Rijeka just ‘took’ my heart.

The beauty and love for classical music – Alfi Kabiljo

9th April 2017

I remember one night, we talked about music and beauty. Health. I wrote down everything Alfi told me, I just wanted to remember everything we talked about and we talked a lot. After that night we worked together on several projects (I hope there are many more projects yet to come) and whenever we see or hear from each other we still hand out “recipices for longevity”. That makes us both happy and we wish to share our recipes and advice for as long as we can. The child in us keeps us young.

I had the opportunity to work with Katja and really enjoyed it. She was very friendly, and showed great hospitality. She was a wealth of knowledge and focused on what she does and she does it with perfection.


I had the opportunity to work with Katja and really enjoyed it. She was very friendly, and showed great hospitality. She was a wealth of knowledge and focused on what she does and she does it with perfection.