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Stories From The Road

Katja Restović uses urban and fashion photography with distinctive conceptual layouts. She researches, freezes and designs the “moment” in the form of classic black and white photographs of monumental sizes, combined with neon lighting fixtures and stainless steel. The sensitivity and strength of her photo work is impressive and contagious. Her subjects are often caught looking directly at the camera, apparently making eye contact with Restović. In other words, as it turns out, she didn’t need to directly engage with her subjects, and many undoubtedly were unaware that she was, in fact, recording their images. P. WHITE

The only thing that matters is that they are good people and that our energy is a “sinergy“; otherwise, I refuse the job. You may call me spoiled but that’s how it is. I would rather not produce a film, video or commercial if I don’t feel the people I’ll be working with are good people. KR