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icon_photography_largeKatja Restović uses urban and fashion photography with distinctive conceptual layouts. She researches, freezes and designs the “moment” in the form of classic black and white photographs of monumental sizes, combined with neon lighting fixtures and stainless steel.


icon_film_largeAfter attending the Grožnjan Imaginary Academy in 1998 (masterclass of Rajko Grlić and Nenad Puhovski), Katja Restović has made a series of awarded short and documentary films, many of which were shown at international festivals in Europe and the US.


icon_play_largeKatja Restović produced (and directed, wrote and edited) a huge number of music videos (and commercials) for the biggest showbiz stars in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, for the European and American music market, for independent and other productions.


icon_theater_largeSince 2010, she has been actively involved in theater, writing and directing musicals and plays. Her three novels (“Pan American Highway”, “Placido Curato”, “Henry Tool’s Film”) were included in the anthology of Croatian crime novels of the 21st century.